JE DESIGN Seat Ateca 5FP

Premiere: JE DESIGN presents the first individualised Seat Ateca


  • JE DESIGN further expands its range of Seat conversions
  • Visual highlights for the compact SUV
  • Dynamic performance with power increased to 210hp


“The new Seat Ateca has a distinctive and dynamic design, and good performance,” claims its manufacturer, and positive initial test impressions on this new Spanish compact SUV from the press bear this out.

However, there is more to come, and German tuner JE DESIGN, whose focus is on Seat, Skoda, VW and Audi models, have seen the inherent potential in this new lifestyle oriented Seat model and acted upon it.

Their Seat Ateca programme starts with a few simple accessories, which address both aesthetics and practical issues. A practical add-on is the protection strip for the top of the bumper where it meets the cargo bay. Available in silver or black metallic.

Sportier looks come from the TÜV approved tailgate mounted rear spoiler. By reducing lift over the rear axle at speed, this spoiler increases primary safety, while the improved aerodynamics may also contribute to improved fuel efficiency.

On the subject of safety, keeping the rear window clean in poor weather conditions is important, and the JE DESIGN side strakes that attach to each side of the rear hatch window both look good and channel air and road dirt away from the glass. They can be fitted with or without the rear spoiler.


Auto Emoción by JE DESIGN


While the factory fresh Seat Ateca cuts a distinctive dash, it also wears a tall, typically SUV-like stance. Many owners will never take their cars off-road and so prefer a lower sportier ride height that JE DESIGN provides using 30mm lowering springs designed to work with the original dampers. This is suitable for both front and four-wheel-drive variants.

When it comes to filling out the big wheel arches of the Ateca, JE DESIGN’s signature Tenspoke alloy wheel is the natural choice. Created in-house by JE DESIGN founder, Jochen Eckelt and his team, the Tenspoke is available in sizes from 19-inch upwards.

A set of four 8.5J x 20-inch ET45 wheels in trendy matt black with matching 245/35ZR20 tyres is available. Fans of even bigger wheels can opt for the 21-inch variant in matt black or graphite/front polished, and shod with 245/30ZR21 or 255/30ZR21 rubber.

Providing the go to match the show, a supplementary electronics box that boosts power from 190hp/140kW to 210hp/155kW, accompanied by a torque increase from 400 to 430Nm. This increases the top speed from 212 to 220 km/h. JE DESIGN offers a two-year warranty (from the initial registration) on the engine, gearbox and drivetrain.

The fact that the performance of the Atecas has been uprated is hinted at by the sports exhaust system offering a choice between 80mm diameter tailpipes, or oval tailpipes measuring 160 x 90mm. Both versions have EC approval, and are also available for all-wheel-drive diesel versions with 110kW and 140kW engines.

Complete conversions can be carried out by JE DESIGN, and include German TÜV certification for the vehicle. All parts come with TÜV certification, a general operating license (ABE) or EC type approval. JE DESIGN also has Swiss certification according to asa guidelines.

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