JE DESIGN Seat Ateca 5FP All Terrain

In the urban jungle or the wild outdoors:

The JE DESIGN Ateca ‘All Terrain’ is ready for any adventure


  • Seat tuner debuts a spectacular off-road concept
  • Raised ride height and larger tyres improve off-road capability
  • All components available now from JE DESIGN

Lifestyle vehicles sell well, and the international press is full of praise for Seat's Ateca 5FP SUV. Dynamic design, state-of-the-art technology, impressive performance, and exceptional efficiency are just some of the positive comments.

While the Ateca looks good and drives well on tarmac, like many such vehicles its actual off-road ability is limited. The answer to the “what if?” question resulted in cooperation between a Luxembourg based Seat dealer called Leweck and German Seat tuning specialist JE DESIGN aimed at making the Ateca ready for more demanding off-road adventures. ‘All Terrain’ is the name given to the spectacular concept car to be rolled-out before the end of the year.


Far from the urban jungle

Starting with a Seat Ateca 5FP built to the factory Xcellence specification, the JE DESIGN team applied a body styling kit and colour theme aimed at a more purposeful appearance.  The tough new off-road look makes the Ateca broader, improves its ground clearance, and equips it with some appropriate accessories for life in the wilderness.

Front and rear wheel arch extensions add 35mm to each side, and are fitting with show rivets to enhance their workmanlike appearance. With good day and night vision a priority, an LED light bar  integrated into a bespoke roof panel is a useful accessory, especially as it has been type approved to augment the headlight high beam. The bodywork of the ‘All Terrain’ is completely covered in ‘Khaki matt’ foil wrap that enhances its outdoor look. A particularly resistant paint, normally used on the loading areas of pickup trucks, protects the wheel arches and roof panels from scuff damage.

JE Design emphasises the off-road look with front and rear skid guards in matt silver.. A rear spoiler  and side wings for the rear window  are further styling enhancements.


Fit for rough terrain

To give the Ateca more off-road ability JE DESIGN increases the ride height by a total of 30mm for improved ground clearance and more extreme approach and departure angles. This is achieved with a static ride height increase of 20mm  coupled with larger 215/65 R16 all-terrain tyres on 16-inch alloy wheels that further raise the car by 10mm.

These big wheels and tyres are pushed further out to fill the arches with the aid of 40mm spacers and longer wheel bolts.


The adventure begins

A visual eye-catcher is the all-terrain lettering applied using 3D embossing technology that stands out alongside the matt black foil roof and matt silver decorative elements.

The off-road soundtrack comes from a stainless steel rear silencer  with two round 80mm tailpipes per side. The alternative look features one 160 x 90 mm oval outlet per side.


Final checklist

Busy people are often in a hurry and it is all too easy to scratch the top edge of the rear bumper when loading shopping or sports equipment. The JE Design Silver Matt protection strip offers peace of mind.

JE DESIGN can carry out the conversion in their workshop and issue full TUV certification. With the exception of the FR and Cupra variants, all Seat Ateca models are suitable for the ‘All Terrain’ conversion regardless of engine type. However, the wheel arch extensions, roof panel with LED light bar, and underbody protection parts are available individually for the FR and Cupra Ateca versions. The sport exhaust is exclusively for the FR 2.0-litre TDI 4Drive.

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